Spruce Up Your Kitchen Walls!

Spruce up your kitchen walls and even changing the color scheme can seem a daunting task even if you are choosing paint, yet by not painting it seems as though you are making the job a lot harder. Thankfully, all is not lost, and it might actually be a lot easier than you might think, as there are a number of different ways in which you can spruce up your kitchen walls without the need to resort to slapping about lots of paint.

1. Temporary wallpaper. This is a relatively new item on the market, and one that is often known as peelable or strippable wallpaper. This wallpaper hangs and looks just like normal wallpaper, however, unlike traditional wallpaper, removing it is easier. Where standard wallpaper can take ages to take off, this wallpaper simply peels away from the wall, leaving no residue or sign that it was ever there in the first place.


2. Fabrics. Wall fabrics are becoming more popular once again. Something that is normally associated with times gone by is starting to reappear in homes across the country. These fabrics can really make a difference to the whole look and feel to the walls of your kitchen, without the need to permanently change anything.

3. Adhesive tile coverings. Bored of those white backsplash tiles? Well now you can add some much needed color and style by adding stick on adhesive tile coverings. These coverings come in a number of different styles and colors and you can find them at your local home improvement store. They usually come in packs of ten or more, or you can by a roll, which you will have to cut in to the desired shape and size of your existing tiles.

4. Make your own wall art. For those creative people out there, designing your own artwork, which you can hang on the walls, is something that is great fun, and will allow you to brighten up your kitchen without the need to add paint to the walls. Most local art supply stores will be able to provide you with a canvass that is large enough to cover the biggest of kitchen walls.


4″ Mibo Ventor Tiles in Blue, waterproof peel-and-stick decals designed for standard tiles.


The owl wall rug is an original focal point and adds personality, while the contrasting fabrics on the chairs help to inject some playful color into the traditional white kitchen.


Fancy Scandinavian kitchen shelves wall sticker





‘Chalkboard’ kitchen decor

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