Summer Christmas Decorating

Summer Christmas Decorating – Different climates worldwide mean for some, such as Australia and South Africa, Christmas falls in summer which tends to be a very hot season.

It may seem bizarre to visitors but for locals it’s the standard, and festivities are more likely to be associated with the beach rather than snow-covered pine trees, seasonal German markets and mulled wine.

If you happen to be traveling at Christmas time or just fancy adopting some new traditions for your celebrations, why not learn to celebrate the Southern Hemisphere way?


Backyard barbecue

If you have the facilities, a backyard barbecue is a fantastic way of celebrating Christmas. It can feel less formal than crowding around a Christmas dining room table, and is greatly suited to families with young children who can run around at their hearts’ content without being in the way of mum and dad in the kitchen, and mingling guests with champagne glasses.


Keen on keeping up Christmas meal traditions? Instead of a roast turkey, throw marinated turkey breasts on the barbecue. Accompanied by salads and steamed vegetables, this is a healthy feast that will also be lighter and therefore easier to digest in hot climates.

With all that space and fresh air available, it can be great fun to play some games together.


Christmas beach party

Christmas being a day off work for most people, the crowds flock towards beaches for a day of sun, sea, sand and fun. Expect lots of families, as well as groups of friends sunbathing, swimming, playing ball games and dancing. There’s likely to be at least one group blasting music from a portable music player.

What they all have in common is the sensible attitude to health and safety. Sunscreen lotion (factor 30 at least) is applied regularly and liberally, and sun hats are donned. You must also make sure to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water and avoiding the excessive use of alcohol and sweet, fizzy drinks.









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