Make Your Home Attractive With Antique Furniture

Make Your Home Attractive With Antique Furniture – There are many people who are fond of collecting antique furniture. It is an expensive habit but there are people who are very much indulged in it. A piece of classic antique furniture can add a lot to the ambience of your room. It makes your room look more classy and sophisticated.

Antique furniture captures the imagination of people who have fascination of collecting old and unique things. In market there is lots of variety of such furniture and you can choose one which suits your needs and budget perfectly. Antique furniture adds a sense of classiness to your house. In terms of variety there are different types of antiques available in the market.

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Novelty Clocks

Novelty Clocks – The earliest surviving working novelty clocks were German automata made in Augsburg in the 1650s involving mechanical figures, either of human or animal form, which performed as the hour struck. They include dogs, and, most extraordinarily for the early date, cockerels which flapped their wings and opened and closed their mouth, often making a crowing sound. The earliest novelty clock in history is the celebrated crowing cock of the Strasbourg Cathedral clock, made in 1354 and now preserved in the Strasbourg Museum.

These astonishing pieces continued to be made until the 18th century, when they fell out of favor, but the novelty clock enjoyed a revival in the Black Forest area of Germany in the 19th century and included the pie-eating man who lifts a fork to his mouth on the hour.

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Antique Farm Tables

Antique Farm Tables – The original farm tables were born from the very basic need of settlers to have a place to sit and eat. These early antique farm tables were very basic indeed, cut from plentiful timber stocks, as towns were formed they needed lumber and grain. These were supplied by lumber and grain mills, which were more often than not located on a river which provided the power.

Structural timbers were quickly converted to legs and long slabs became table tops. Tools were very primitive, so the farm table was usually long and narrow and basic. Seating was usually a bench or two which resembled a miniature farm table. The lumber used, was very rarely cured or kiln dried. Air drying had to do.

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Cast Iron Teapots

Cast iron teapots – For those of you who like to drink tea or collect teapot sets, you’ll be surprised at how good a cast iron tea pot brews your perfect blends. They have long been used in Asian countries like Japan because they are highly efficient, and can keep the tea warm for long periods of time. They are also known as Tetsubin. They are a practical way to brew and serve your tea.

If you have a passion for tea, then a cast iron teapot is a must. They can brew well, and are very durable. You’ll be using your cast iron teapot for a very long time. Also, it has a lot of health benefits to add to the health benefits of your tea. It leeches a small amount of iron into the water when it is heated, making it infused with iron.

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