Wooden Antique Furniture – How To Identify It?

How to identify a wooden antique furniture? We have to know how to recognize the type of timber which makes antique furnishings. One of the most well known timbers is the Mahogany, which is mostly imported from the nations like Cuba, San Domingo, Bahamas and Honduras. It is red-brown. There are others trees that have come to be known as Mahogany but they are not actually Mahogany. Cuba produces the best variety of Mahogany during the second half of the 18th century. Mahogany is one of the best timber to work with and easy to maintain.

At one time Queen Anne walnut furniture was very popular in the United States, but it was soon found that central-heated rooms caused glue to dry up and veneer to fall off in an alarming manner. Consequently, veneered furniture is no longer looked on with affection in America.

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Cast Iron Radiators In Interior Design

Cast iron radiators can be traditional or contemporary in interior design. The inclusion of a cast iron radiator can provide a lustrous and rich form of furnishing to the overall aesthetic of a room which can be most appealing to homeowners looking to give a more traditional feel to their home, thereby potentially giving them an increased sense of pride in the overall appearance of their property. The final product is therefore not only a very efficient means of heating a home, but also a classic style radiator which is most pleasing to the eye.

The designs of these traditional cast iron radiators are often very refined, with many repeating the lines of classic architecture, thereby exuding a certain level of artistic elegance.

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Different Styles Of Antique Chairs

There are several styles of antique chairs that are good collection items. These are chairs that are over 100 years of age. An antique item has to be 100 years old for it to be termed as antique. There are places where antique item including furniture that are sold to collectors. These are online antique sites and antique fairs where collectors converge to view and trade their collections with one another.

If one has the eye for spotting antique items they can easily locate the chairs and other items from the internet and make arrangements for purchasing them or visit the antique fairs to try their luck in getting one of the items. The chairs are made from different eras and styles and that is what makes them very unique and even collectable. Some of the chairs can be distinguished by the kind of patterns they have on the legs, on the arm rests or even how the chair is shaped and the upholstery used to cover them. This is how one can actually look at the chairs and tell from which era or period it is.

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Antique Glass Bottles

Antique glass bottles, like many collectibles, have different categories in which they fall. Some are flasks, ink wells, soda bottles or even medicinal containers. The trick to bottle collecting is learning to recognize these categories, and to spot reproductions. Some are easy to recognize, with the name of the manufacturer in plain view on the bottom of the bottle, but some reproductions are not that easily spotted. One way to tell the real thing from a reproduction is to view the lip of the bottle. Bottles created before 1870 have a crude lip and close examination will show distinct irregularities and the molding seam. After 1880, lipping tools were used to form the lip of the bottle which, when being formed, left rings around the lip and upper neck of the bottle, but caused the molding seam to disappear. Aqua was a favored color of the bottle makers, and many bottles during this area were greenish in color, rather than clear. This is another sign that it is a genuine antique.

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