Add Your Personality To The Bedroom Design

Add Your Personality To The Bedroom Design – The bedroom is the most personal part of your home. It is where we find retreat when we get home. It is also our hiding place when we want to escape the world. That is why we value what we put in it.

The bedroom is extra special because we can claim it as ours. We have the freedom to decorate it the way we want. Speaking of decorating, it is tough to dress the bedroom our way because we do not have the expertise. Styling the bedroom by ourselves can present different obstacles.

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Floor Pillows For A Bedroom’s Lounging Area

Floor Pillows For A Bedroom’s Lounging Area – If you want to add another dimension to your bedroom but it is too small for a separate sitting area, you can create a lounging area in less space by simply using floor pillows. Not only will this create interest in a boring corner, but the pillows can help add to the design elements already in the room.

A floor pillow for a bedroom’s lounging area is simply a large cushion that can be used for relaxing on. They are great for sitting on to chat with friends or reclining on when reading a book or watching TV. They are taller than regular pillows and make great foot rests as well as decorative accents.

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How To Decorate A Small Bedroom?

When you decorate a small bedroom, use bright colors. This is especially true for rooms with insufficient natural light. At the two images below, the niches are painted in white and used as the sleeping area. Decorate a small bedroom with bed in simple design. The bed in a small room should be simple, without the broad sides. It is a good option to use he space under the bed to keep the bedding sheets and linen. Above the bed headboard you can install few shelves and the lamp.

Where to put the wardrobe? It is very difficult to store a wardrobe in a small room so it fits well both visually and functionally. If there is a space between the bed and the wall, use it for a storage closet that will be made in the same material and color as the bed.

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