Tribal Collectibles As Home Decor

Tribal Collectibles As Home Decor – There are few better ways of learning about the customs and beliefs of some of the lesser known peoples of the world than by building a collection of tribal art. The field encompasses every continent but most collectors specialize in artefacts from a particular region or tribe.

The great museum collections of tribal art were gathered, for the most part, during the 19th century when anthropologists made the first contacts with many of the tribes. The criterion then was simply to collect as many curiosities as possible. It was not until artists such as Picasso began to take an interest in African masks and to draw inspiration from them, that the emphasis began to shift towards seeing tribal pieces as art in its most uncorrupted form.

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How To Decorate With Vintage Collectibles?

How To Decorate With Vintage Collectibles? – Changing the room or place of an item can highlight its beauty and uniqueness. For example; quilts have long been used practically in bedrooms. Rather than keeping all the quilts in your collection in the bedrooms, try scattering them about the house.

Place quilts on the arm of a chair, or the back of the couch. Set aside a basket in the living area to showcase them where they can be enjoyed by visitors and pulled out to use for extra warmth during family movie marathon night.



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Collecting Wall & Carriage Clocks

Collecting Wall & Carriage Clocks – Wall clocks come in large variety of shapes and sizes, and are either weight- or spring-driven. They range from the often imaginative Black Forest clocks, first made in the 17th century, to the simple English round-dial clocks introduced in the late 18th century and the expensive, high quality early 19th-century Vienna regulators with their severe, architectural lines and ebony or boxwood cases.

American wall clocks, made from the 1780s onwards, began to be exported to England in great numbers during the middle of the 19th century and proved so popular that they had an adverse effect on the English clock-making industry.

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Home Decorating With Lladró Porcelain Figurines

Home Decorating With Lladro Porcelain Figurines – With its origins in a small farming village of Almàssera, Spain, Lladró has created a respected tradition of finely crafted decorative figurines. In operation for over half a century, the family business prides itself on artisan craftsmanship. And now you can bring these distinctive pieces into your home to add a touch of warmth and artistry to any room.

Lladró has figurines to match any motif or mood, making decorating with the pieces so easy. The figurines also make the perfect gift for someone who has a new home, recently remodeled or anyone who would appreciate a unique piece of craftsmanship in a special room.

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