Antique Glass Bottles

Antique glass bottles, like many collectibles, have different categories in which they fall. Some are flasks, ink wells, soda bottles or even medicinal containers. The trick to bottle collecting is learning to recognize these categories, and to spot reproductions. Some are easy to recognize, with the name of the manufacturer in plain view on the bottom of the bottle, but some reproductions are not that easily spotted. One way to tell the real thing from a reproduction is to view the lip of the bottle. Bottles created before 1870 have a crude lip and close examination will show distinct irregularities and the molding seam. After 1880, lipping tools were used to form the lip of the bottle which, when being formed, left rings around the lip and upper neck of the bottle, but caused the molding seam to disappear. Aqua was a favored color of the bottle makers, and many bottles during this area were greenish in color, rather than clear. This is another sign that it is a genuine antique.

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Home Decorating With Collectible Figurines

Possibly the greatest way to display their personality is the way a person decorates their house. People show their styles through the color combinations they will use along with the things they will use to decorate their homes. The thing that most likely creates the most significant difference in the personality of the home’s decoration is little individual details.

There is a big difference when an individual walks right into a home that’s plain or sparsely decorated and one which is full of individual photos and details. Collectible figurines are one method in which some individuals convey their personality into the decor of their homes.

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Things You Need To Know If You’re An Antique Collector

As you might already know, antiques are old objects at least thirty years old. Some antiques have historical value in them, being used by some personality or important person from history. Others appear to be ordinary objects but because they are rare today, these antiques are collected and have high appraised value. Still, other items signify an historical event, an end or an era perhaps or something much simpler. Regardless, people who collect antiques show a particular pride in them and will often part with their collection only if it is a necessity or the price is right.

If you think of jewelry as the standard antique items, then you should open your eyes more. From gems to an elaborately designed book case, from automobiles and pieces of clothing, these are all possible antiques.

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