Zen Home Design

Zen Home Design – Most of us would be glad for a moment of silence at some point in the day. It is usually when we finish our working day that we just need to sit for a moment and mentally release the events of the day. Some of us have triggers to sub-consciously signal to our brain that we can relax now. Taking off your watch, having a shower or just getting changed into more comfortable clothes are all signals that tell us to relax.

Our home environment also plays an important role in helping us unwind. Here are some of our favorite Zen design tips that will ‘soothe’ your senses and help you to create a more peaceful feeling in your home.



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The Faliro Loft In Athens

The Faliro Loft has been designed by Athens-based Aaron Ritenour and Sotiris Mallas, founders of Esé Studio Architects. Created to showcase a mixture of uncommon textures, types and geometric patterns, the Faliro Loft in Athens is an absolute showstopper.

The space feels quite industrial with the concrete ceilings, raw, unpainted wood, and steel room dividers, the Japanese element comes in with the sliding shoji screens, which are also from unpainted plywood, and also the small pool which soon should have some koi fish which are very feng shui. Color is introduced into the mainly neutral interior through the red and blue of the decorative ceramic screens formed into backing for shelves and dividing units.

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Asian Home Decorating

Asian Home Decorating – Asian Home Decorating is very popular because it is very simple and pays attention toward the space required. Asian home decorating is believed to be originated from two schools- one from Japan and the other from China.

Starting with the Chinese origin, Asian home decorating is called Feng Shui which gives the idea of object positioning and space. Asian home decorating relates the house with health and wealth. However, feng shui is more common in kitchens. Kitchen is considered as the soul of the house. So, any kind of Asian home decorating in the kitchen will surely affect the whole of the house as well as the family. Placing the laughing Buddha in the house is the most common activity under feng shui. They add a lively power in your house.

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Feng Shui Kitchen Planning

Feng Shui Kitchen Planning – If you want to arrange your home by feng shui, you may want to start with feng shui kitchen, because the kitchen is where we to spend a lot of our conscious time. According to feng shui, the kitchen represents nourishment and prosperity. Good nutrition is always associated with health and wealth. By designing your kitchen in accordance with the principles of feng shui, you may assist in your own prosperity and health.

Feng shui is a rather complicated theory presented by various schools, where tips are usually given for a particular house and the individuals living in it. Despite this, there are basic principles applicable to any kitchen, which will help to make it a feng shui kitchen.

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