Feng Shui Kitchen Tips

The kitchen is central to a successful life. How a kitchen is designed specifically, how a stove is placed within the kitchen will produce dramatic influences on individuals and families entering and feeding in it. A kitchen with a good feng shui will bring good fortune and good health for the whole family. Where you place your kitchen furnishings determines how well or how poorly the life-energy, ch’i, can be channeled in and through your kitchen and into the rest of your home. Believers in feng shui feel that how you decorate and design your kitchen can influence the prosperity and health of all living in that home.

In your feng shui kitchen, the greatest emphasis is on placement of the stove. Designing a kitchen stove placement with feng shui principles in mind requires the designer to understand that food is wealth and thus feeds the prosperity cycle. The word food (ts’ai) in Chinese sounds identical to the Chinese word for wealth, and not by coincidence.

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Feng Shui: Wind Chimes

Wind chimes can be decorative, they can be musical and in Feng Shui, they can also be powerful tools. By using them properly, it is believed you can attract money and friends and promote health and harmony within your family.

Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese method of object placement, focuses on the flow of “chi,” or energy. According to the principles of Feng Shui, this energy is present everywhere, and how it flows has a direct impact on a person’s health, happiness and overall luck. By channeling the energy in certain ways, it is thought that you can counteract negative influences in your life, and maximize your possibilities for good fortune.

Sound is one of several Feng Shui “cures,” items that, when used in specific ways, can remedy a variety of problems. Wind chimes are used widely in Feng Shui to activate chi and eliminate any blockages that might be causing problems for a home’s occupants.

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Feng Shui Tips: Mirrors

Feng Shui mirrors are often called “the aspirin of Feng Shui” due to the fact that mirrors can create a number of helpful Feng Shui enhancements and adjustments. The following are some of the ways mirrors can be utilized for optimum effect.

Driving away negative energy. The Feng Shui mirrors are used to literally push back what is considered to be negative energy. This is done by placing the mirror in a position that is facing the negativity. The mirrors will reflect the negative energy back to it’s source, and away from you.

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Feng Shui Tips – Home Entrance

Home improvement starts with the main entrance to the house. One of the first things people will see when entering your home is the foyer. Having a pleasant atmosphere welcoming your guests and even you when you get home from work is very beneficial. What you need to do is use Feng Shui tips based on Chi to tune in the life force to your foyer to make your home more welcoming and inviting for anyone. In FengShui, main door of the house is also known as the ‘Mouth of Chi’. The house absorbs energy or Chi through the main door. Therefore it is important for you to where to fix and choose the type of door for your main entrance.

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