Recycling Ideas For The Old Garden Gates

Recycling Ideas For The Old Garden Gates – If you have just installed beautiful new gates and are now staring at the old wooden gate with misgivings, you might like to consider other recycling ideas for the old garden gates, before reaching for your axe and planning the next bonfire. While your old gates might no longer be up to the job of keeping the next door’s dog out and your children safely in, the gates might still have uses. Continue Reading

Small Garden Design Ideas

Small Garden Design Ideas – A well crafted small garden design could be desirable to people for a number of reasons. First, the outdoor space suitable for being turned into a garden could be rather small. Alternatively there could be plenty of outdoor space, but the person may not want to make a large garden. Also if the garden space is set in an urban setting there may only be a balcony or small patio available for a garden installation.

Those are all good reasons to desire a small garden space, but designing one for those applications can be tricky. It takes forethought and careful planning to make a garden of this type really work. Continue Reading

Complete Garden On Your Small Deck

Complete Garden On Your Small Deck – Many homes, unfortunately, have small yards. For those that love to garden or aspire to be gardeners, having a small back or front yard can be a hassle. Without enough room, you can be severely limited in the types and number of plants you can use for your outdoor space. However, many homes do have patios or decks, and if you have one, you have a great area to put in a garden, if you know how to do it!

Vegetable garden on your patio

By utilizing pots, you can grow almost any vegetable right on your deck. Some companies sell vegetable plants that are specifically designed to grow in pots.

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Current Trends For Patio Design

Current Trends For Patio Design – The outside of your home can often be neglected. It is time to give your pavers and patios that well overdue makeover! You will need to know what the current trends are in order to make sure that your new pavers and patios are completely modern and up to date.

Among other activities, your patio is where you will entertain your guests. The last thing that you want is to have to entertain them on a cracked and chipped floor. The first step that you will need to take in order to improve your patio is to make sure that it is aesthetically pleasing. This, however, does not necessarily mean having fancy patterns or expensive pavers!

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