Valentine’s Day In The Home With Style

Valentine’s Day In The Home With Style – If you wish to spend Valentine’s Day with the loved one at home, you can create a romantic atmosphere with just a bit of effort. Create unique details and your partner will feel very special and loved, and wrap the Valentine’s Day present with an extra care.

Hanging hearts

It is very easy to make those hearts. You need oil crayons, white paper, scissors, iron and ribbons for hanging. Scrape oil crayons into small shreds and sprinkle them on paper, or use crayons directly on paper in thick layer. Cover the paper with another sheet or two of paper.

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Japanese Home Decorating With Bamboo Baskets

Japanese Home Decorating With Bamboo Baskets – Bamboo baskets are ideal for any room and they really do help to add a touch of oriental feel to the home. If you want to compliment the bamboo baskets it is a good idea to keep the room simply decorated and keep a feeling of space there all of the time.

The Japanese theme is constantly gaining in popularity and bamboo baskets are one way in which you can bring that Japanese home decorating into the home. They come in for all different uses and they also add a little oriental touch to the home.

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Jonathan Adler’s Artwork

Jonathan Adler’s Artwork – Pottery artist Jonathan Adler is known for his ‘happy’ interior designs and line of home funishings. Jonathan Adler owns a design company that’s dedicated to bringing ‘gladness to your home’ with beautiful pottery, furniture, rugs…

Jonathan Adler’s artwork makes your table from ordinary to extraordinary with the rich, bold colors. Inspired by nature, the earthy brown and deep blue colors combine to create a stylish and sophisticated two-tone effect. The stunning reactive glaze ensures that no two pieces are exactly alike. Distinctive, modern coupe shapes are both casual and elegant. The accent plate, along with bowl and platter feature contemporary striped designs and make striking additions to your tabletop. Further enhance your table by mixing this collection with Sedona Blue. Made of high-quality, durable stoneware from Japan and perfect for daily use.

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Worst Mistakes To Make With Chandeliers

Worst Mistakes To Make With Chandeliers – There is no denying that chandeliers make beautiful lights in the home. The difficulty, however, can be in buying the wrong type for your particular home. Many times people make bad judgments when it comes to lighting, and never is this truer than with chandeliers. There are some particular mistakes to make with chandeliers:

1. Buying a chandelier that is too large for the room. This is a very common mistake people make. Chandeliers are designed to make an impact of course, but this can be done without the need of buying an oversized light.

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