Interior Design Ideas: Personalize Your Living Space

When styling your home, think well of what you as a family really need when it comes to movement, storage and lifestyle. Decorative accessories are like jewelry for your home – the finishing touch that completes the look with a satisfying flourish. In home decorating, accessories include essentials such as lamps, pillows, and area rugs as well as all the objects you collect to hang on walls, arrange on shelves, and display on tabletops. They’re usually the last things to be placed when you’re redecorating a room, but that doesn’t make them the least significant; accessories add color and texture to rooms, and even more important, they tell your story, reflecting your interests and what you enjoy or cherish.

Every family has its own way of life and schedule, so refrain from copying other people’s ideas and then believe that they will fit your home. Rather, go with your own instincts and the rest will simply flow. For instance, if you want to redo your family room, take into consideration each member’s needs and everyday routine. Do the kids need a special place to study? Is there a particular corner where you can stash your toddler’s toys and diapering needs? Can the big man of the house watch his favorite ball game on TV while the little ones are having fun with their video games? These are just some of the factors that should be well thought of and incorporated into the plans.

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Nautical Ship Wheel As Home Decor Accessory

Nautical ship wheels are the right interior decor accessory to draw your memories to the golden days of the past. These nautical ship wheels symbolize the courage and perseverance of the dauntless sailors of the ancient time who faced the turbulent waters with their brave hearts. The inspirational wheel of the ship will guide you through the journey of your life. Be it any moment in your life, this wonderful nautical wheels are sure to serve their purpose as great inspirational objects. At the same time they will decorate your home adding a nostalgic feel everywhere. Nautical ship wheels are available in different sizes. These wooden ship wheels are also available with different number of spokes in them. Some of them are beautified with metallic accents. For example, you can find wooden ship wheels with brass hub, or ship wheels with clock at the center.

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Fireplace Mantel As The Hearth Of Your Home

Looking to revitalize your home? There are many interior decor ideas that could make your home dazzling. The fireplace mantel will change the scope of any room in the home, a magnificent feature that centers the room, and sets it off luxuriously. The fireplace mantel can be chic and elegant, eclectic, modern or even rustic in style. It’s more than just a backdrop, it’s a concept.
There are numerous fireplace mantel designs that will leave your home looking fabulous. From wood to cast stone fireplace mantels, the choice is unlimited. Transform a room into a richly textured habitat, with the glow of a fireplace in the background, illuminating the entire ambiance. There are many advantages to having a fireplace. They are energy efficient, and add to the beauty of a home. They can be enjoyed in various ways, and are not just heating apparatus. Recent statistics state that more than 50 percent of new homes have fireplaces installed, which goes to show that there are many people who are charmed by them. Add an old world charm with antique fireplace mantels or go for more modern cast stone fireplace mantels, there is no limit to the way this decor option may be used.

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