How To Hang Pictures Properly?

How To Hang Pictures Properly? – Hold and carry pictures at the shortest sides, supporting them underneath the  bottom of the frame to support the weight. Keep them upright. Do not try to lift  a heavy picture by the top of the frame because it is very likely to break. Heavy paintings should be lifted by more than person, and if you are carrying a large  picture from one room to another, check the height of door frames beforehand. With unglazed pictures, take care not to touch the painted surface. 

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Decorating With Apothecary Jars & Bottles

Decorating With Apothecary Jars – From holding herbs in medieval times to containing fresh smelling soaps, apothecary jars have transcended their original purpose over the years. Nowadays, you can put two or three pots on your living room table as a simple but attractive center piece.

These containers came from the traditional vases used by people as far back as a thousand years ago in Europe. Back then, medical professionals known as apothecaries used them to store ointments, herbs and medicines.

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Adding The Fall Warmth To Your Room

Adding the fall warmth to a room can mark the change in seasons for the entire family, ushering in football, holidays, and cups of cocoa after school. And it can be easy, dramatic, and inexpensive! Follow these three simple steps to take any room in your home from summer simple, to fall fabulous in just one day!

1. Add rich, warm color! Whatever your main wall color is in your room, paint your focal wall a deep shade of that color. No major color scheme change here, everything you already have in that room will still work because you are just increasing the present color scheme.

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Using Stained Glass Panels As Home Decor

Using Stained Glass Panels As Home Decor – The use of stained style glass as a piece of decoration dates back in the 12th century through the rise of the Gothic cathedral. Today, virtually all homes are employing the design stained glasses offers.

Here are some tried and true tips on using stained type glass in your occupied spaces.

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