Warmpath: Kitchen Table With Built-in Fireplace

Warmpath: Kitchen Table With Built-in Fireplace – ‘Warmpath’ – even the names of things you can imagine – a combination of a kitchen table and fireplace. This kitchen table is a design project by Luxembourg artist Michael Harboun. Fireplace here, of course, is not there by accident, because thanks to him and realized the stove.

In addition, the conduct of the stove is run through the table surface. Thanks to the material Corian counter is able to withstand high temperatures and heat to the cold and the warm cozy feeling.


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Television Stands: Materials And Style

Television Stands: Materials And Style – Television stands are necessary in getting a TV to stand at the right height- so as to not strain one’s eyes or make for an uncomfortable viewing angle. But when a consumer goes to buy a TV stand, they will be presented with quite a few options in the materials that compose the television stand in question.

Television stands are very commonly made up of wood. This has been so for many decades, although other materials are starting to make their popular debut because they are viewed as more contemporary. Still yet, wood serves as a rather cheap alternative that can give any room a homely look to it. Because of its multipurpose, wood is always a good decision in TV stands.

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Modern Leather Furniture For Your Living Room

Modern Leather Furniture For Your Living Room – Modern leather furniture is designed to be more functional and adaptable to the various living room designs. They can serve more than one purpose and are available in various designs and colors. modern leather furniture promises more benefits behind its costly impression. It is an investment that you will not be sorry about, as you recover the value of your money.

If you want a modernized living room, leather is the best material you should have for your furniture. Leather is posh and sophisticated, sleek and clean. It can last long as long as you employ proper cleaning techniques. The material has also evolved from its usual plain look to innovative and stylish designs. You can now have leather with varying colors and texture.

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Transform Your Room With French Furniture

Transform Your Room With French Furniture – There is no doubt at all that introducing items of French furniture into the home can generate a fantastic, beautiful and very evocative look. French furniture has a style that is unmistakable, and can really transform a room fairly easily. A bedroom, for example, can be entirely transformed by introducing a French style bed, perhaps with a chaise longue at the foot, an armoire in the corner, a large ornate French mirror on the wall reflecting light from the window, crisp white linen and gently wafting cotton curtains at the open window, all adding up to a fantastic look that’s a world away from a suburban high street look.

But before you head out to buy any French furniture it’s worth remembering that there is no such thing as a single style.

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