Bauhaus Furniture – A Perfect Blend Of Comfort And Luxury

When we talk about the stylish furniture, Bauhaus is the classic name we may recall. Bauhaus was the German design school run from 1919 to 1933 which combined the crafts and the fine arts. Stylishness in simplicity is said to be the charm of the Bauhaus furniture. They are depicting a modern art in their furniture within the limit of simplicity.

It was the Bauhaus which started regularly using the steel as the frame and other parts of the furniture range like chairs, tables, bed, screen, sideboard, bench, sofa, lamp etc. Modest use of handicraft or upholstery by the largest application of tubular steel is said to be the cost effect achievement of the Bauhaus furniture.

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Modern Furniture Design: Rock and Roll Tables By Team 7

Austria 7 manufacturer teams have this new Rock & Roll tables that might just rock your world space. Inspired by the stone age hand axe tool, these beauties are carved from three dimensional natural wood segments and designed by Sebastian Desch. Curved yet edgy, table design is very unique and strange kind of way – but in a setting that is right, there is something elegant and cosmopolitan about them. Rock & Roll is available in seven different types of wood and it will look beautiful table for any living room, which also will instantly become the focal point of the room.

Rock & Roll is a work of art from natural wood is modeled on a primeval hand axe, bridging the gap between modern wood working and ancient shapes. A unique surface structure and complex crafted 38 mm thick solid wood segments.

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Bamboo Patio Furniture In Tropical Style

Patio furniture is a very popular item in both the United States and abroad, and many people look for unique and quality pieces that suit their own unique tastes and needs. Some want a set of patio furniture purely for their own enjoyment, preferring quiet nights at home curled up with a good book, yet some want patio furniture that is good for entertaining any number of guests for a backyard party. Bamboo patio furniture is very popular because it is light weight, durable and cheaper than Teak or Cedar wood furniture. Bamboo furniture is popular choice for patio or garden because it is environment-friendly and remains cool in summer. Bamboo is fast growing, sustainable and stronger than wood.

Everyone has their own particular taste, but for those who enjoy the tropical island style, bamboo patio furniture may be just the thing they are looking for.

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