How To Transform Your Boring Room Into A Cool One

How To Transform Your Boring Room Into A Cool One – Is your room already look boring and lifeless whenever you enter and look around it? Then it is probably time to make some changes into your room. Decorating is easy to do when you just know what and how to do it. To help you out on your dilemma, we listed below some tips you can do to transform any boring room into a cool and chic one without breaking the bank.

1. Have a statement wall

Choose a wall in the room that you wanted to stand out. Paint it with a stunning color that will make it pop.

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Cleaning And Caring For Patio Umbrellas

Cleaning And Caring For Patio Umbrellas – With the proper care, your patio umbrella will be a sound investment for years to come. Unlike other patio furniture, umbrellas take special care and understanding when approaching their needs. Because there are more mechanical parts involved (not mentioning a bigger canopy area), it takes more than a hose and a brush to clean your umbrella off. With the right know how, you too can guarantee your umbrella will be a welcome escape all season long.

The main key of keeping your patio umbrella clean is in knowing how all the pieces work together. This can be broken down into two components: the canopy, which is the cloth top that casts shade on your family and friends, and the frame, which opens and closes the canopy.

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How To Re-Use Old Windows?

How to re-use old windows? – Old wooden frame windows are not energy efficient and they need to be replaced. Old windows and doors can be used to make an interesting furniture, room dividers, wall decorations and even an outdoor decor.

Old windows and doors have sentimental value. They are usually very charming in their vintage style, with fantastic textures and shapes. They can be turned into real art pieces that could be unique home decor and addition to modern looking interiors.

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Going Green With New Roofing Trend

Going Green With New Roofing Trend – These days more and more people are thinking about going green. Many aspects of life can be altered to be better for the planet and the individual, and roofing is no exception. Two popular new trends for making both residential and commercial roofing more environmentally friendly are green roofs and solar roofs. Not only do these options reduce the carbon footprint of a home or business structure, they can also significantly reduce costs.

Green roofs, also known as living roofs, use soil and plant life over a layer of waterproofing materials to insulate the building. There are two types of green roofs, intensive and extensive.

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