Small Apartments Design Ideas

Small Apartments Design Ideas – The first thing to keep in mind when living in a small apartment is to minimize clutter and extra stuff. Having open surface area will provide the illusion of extra space. One tip to keep the clutter maintained is to ensure that everything you own has a place to belong, otherwise it does not stay in your home. Another tip is to take one thing out of your home each time you bring something new into your home. This can help maintain the level of stuff you own and keep your things from over-running your available space.

Open floor plans can be a huge help when living in a small apartment. A one bedroom apartment can feel small and cramped if there are walls separating each room, so combining living and kitchen space together can help provide the feeling of more space altogether.

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The Use Of Mood Boards In Interior Design

The Use Of Mood Boards In Interior Design – When it comes to redecorating, in today’s market the choice of products, finishes and colors can become overwhelming. Unless you have a clear idea of what kind of look and color scheme you wish to create it can become difficult to know where to start. The compilation of mood boards in interior design can be a valuable tool in assisting in this decision making process for a variety of reasons.

Firstly, mood boards are a cost effective way of playing around with different ideas and color schemes. They are basically a mini version of the proposed decor scheme allowing us to see what combinations work best or what our individual preferences are.

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Home Renovation: How To Provide More Space In The Home?

Home Renovation: How To Provide More Space In The Home? Sometimes when you come home, you realize how cramped and tight your home is and it makes you wish you had more space available. You are not alone as a lot of people are having this same issue. But, if you come to think about it, is it really the size of your home that’s causing that slight claustrophobic feeling or is there something wrong with the design?

The real cause for the lack of space is not the lack of it, but the arrangement of your furniture and how the interior of the home is designed. Here are some simple home renovation tips to help you maximize space.

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How To Organize Your Bathroom?

How To Organize Your Bathroom? – If you’re lucky enough to have a ‘guest bathroom’, one that isn’t used by the family and one where you can always keep clean hand towels hanging for the guests, good for you. For most of us however, we have one or two bathrooms, and they both get a lot of use from the family members on a daily basis. Let’s see how you can organize your bathroom so that it’s guest ready too.

The one thing that most of us have too much of is lots of bottles of ‘stuff’ sitting around the sink and countertop. Go through these and discard what you don’t use on a daily basis, and what only has a drip left in it.

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