Art Deco Interior Design

Art Deco Interior Design – If you are planning to redecorate your entire home or only a room, it is useful to know about the concepts of Art Deco interior design.

The first concepts you need to pay attention when arranging yourself is geometric shapes and clean lines. And you should know that it consists of well-defined lines, sweeping curves similar with the streamline design of planes. Besides the well-defined lines, there is also other popular design using of geometric shapes, angular blocky, include the influence of ancient Aztec temples like trapezoids and shapes.

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Adding The Fall Warmth To Your Room

Adding the fall warmth to a room can mark the change in seasons for the entire family, ushering in football, holidays, and cups of cocoa after school. And it can be easy, dramatic, and inexpensive! Follow these three simple steps to take any room in your home from summer simple, to fall fabulous in just one day!

1. Add rich, warm color! Whatever your main wall color is in your room, paint your focal wall a deep shade of that color. No major color scheme change here, everything you already have in that room will still work because you are just increasing the present color scheme.

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Lodge Décor For The Fall Season

Lodge Décor For The Fall Season – Many people love a rustic home décor. There is that warm, comfortable atmosphere it gives that just relaxes you and makes you feel pleased at home. If you also want to redecorate your home by giving it that lodge décor theme, you can easily do so – it doesn’t matter if you’re living in Montana or in New York. All you need is your creativity and some proper furniture and accessories, and you’ll have your very own lodge or country house sitting in the middle of the metropolis. Rustic in the old days used to mean ‘rickety and cheap’, but that sort of thinking is now gone. Lodge décor now find a place on the brink of being called sophisticated and trendy.

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Penthouse Apartment In Amsterdam

Penthouse Apartment In Amsterdam – Overlooking an fascinating and mysterious metropolis, this penthouse apartment is residence to a Dutch household that needed an area full of pure mild and guarantees for a greater tomorrow. That is precisely what inside designer Kate Hume did – she created a beautiful place, with pure, natural tones and textures that create an expensive dwelling type.

An fascinating strategy to inside design, this luxury penthouse apartment absorbs life from the town under – with conventional Dutch motifs, customized joinery and key classic gadgets, the house looks like a canal home – within the sky.

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