Eco-Friendly Dining Room Design

Eco-Friendly Dining Room Design – These days many of us already follow the recycle, reuse and reduce policy in our homes and whilst out and about, with special recycle bins available on our doorsteps and in most towns and cities.

With a growing green product trend, many choices for eco-friendly dining room design have emerged. Sustainable woods, heirloom pieces and salvaged woods are some of the best choices for creating a green piece that fits a homes decor. Work with a furniture designer or shop at eco-friendly retailers to ensure the table is made from green products.

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Window Garden

Window Garden – Window garden turns an ordinary window into a tiered arrangement of flowers and greenery. Shelves of glass or transparent plastic are fixed across the window opening at convenient heights, and the pots are arranged along each shelf. It is an excellent way to show off cacti and succulents, or beautiful flowering plants and other sun lovers.

Plants sparkle when they’re set in the showcase of your windows. Light makes the colors of bloom and foliage all the more glowing, and it is good for a plant’s growth. A window garden can be part of the architecture and interior design. It can also be assembled by placing plants on stands in front of a window or by installing a hanger such as that in the family room, where an old scale helps suspend a fern in front of a window.

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The Timeless Charm Of French Furniture

French furniture is opulent, charming, graceful, beautiful, sumptuous and luxurious, but above all, it’s timeless. This is something that can’t be said about any other furniture style. Interior trends come and go. What was fashionable in the 1930s was out of fashion in the 1960s. And what was trendy in the 70’s is dated and old in current times. The key not to go out of fashion is not use any trends and stick to ageless charm. And the safest way to achieve that is doing it the French way!

The French have always had an innate ability to create beauty, and they’ve always loved to surround themselves with beautiful possessions and live in stunning homes. The furniture and home accessories they’ve gifted the world with through the centuries proves this statement.

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Home Remodeling Trends

Home Remodeling Trends – Remodeling a home can be an exciting process for a homeowner that wants to give their home a new feel and make it feel more lively. There are many home remodeling trends that have homeowners excited about upgrading certain features and areas of their homes.

One major trend this year is ‘green’ homes. Homeowners are opting to live in a home that is free of toxins and chemicals, which is more suitable for the environment. People are also becoming more energy conscious, making them more eager to switch to energy efficient appliances.



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