Television Stands: Materials And Style

Television Stands: Materials And Style – Television stands are necessary in getting a TV to stand at the right height- so as to not strain one’s eyes or make for an uncomfortable viewing angle. But when a consumer goes to buy a TV stand, they will be presented with quite a few options in the materials that compose the television stand in question.

Television stands are very commonly made up of wood. This has been so for many decades, although other materials are starting to make their popular debut because they are viewed as more contemporary. Still yet, wood serves as a rather cheap alternative that can give any room a homely look to it. Because of its multipurpose, wood is always a good decision in TV stands.


Sauder August Hill Corner TV Stand, Oiled Oak Finish – $99.99, Amazon

Wood isn’t as popular as it used to be and glass is one of the newer materials stealing the light away from the popularity in question. Glass gives a very trendy look that fits in almost any room’s sense of style. It also supports a great amount of weight, depending on the TV set in specifics. Glass TV sets are usually accompanied by other materials, such as wood or metal. This is due to the fact that in itself, glass isn’t the most stable or light material in the world.


Glass TV stand by Cattelan

Last but not least, we have metal – the last of the three most popular television stand materials. Metal is usually the best choice when shopping for a TV stand for the simple fact that it is cheap, can take on many styles and designs, can be painted to suit different color tastes, and can take on a massive amount of weight before buckling. Due to all of the benefits, and the few drawbacks, metal is the most popular of today’s TV stand materials.


Wall Units Demilune Black/Silver Finish TV Stand & 2 Media Towers by Coaster; Price $500; Above & Beyond Furniture Super Store

For a more organic look, some opt to obtain woven fiber or organic materials for their TV stand composition. This route is usually less popular, since woven fiber can be a fire hazard. Organic material is also hard to fit in contemporary-styled rooms that are so popular today – making them vastly unpopular in many situations.


Restoration Hardware Trunk retro-style TV stand

For consumers who want to have a combination of the aforementioned materials in the TV stand they choose, there is not disappointment in the industry. In fact, most TV stands incorporate several different types of materials anyway – for reasons such as added support or conforming to a certain style and design. Whatever the case, it’s quite likely a consumer will end up with a combination of materials instead of just one.


Altra Glass and Metal Black TV Stand, 2 glass shelves hold AV components, Walmart

It’s important to note that before a purchase is made, consumers should always investigate the box in which the product comes from. Doing so will inform the consumer of any size restrictions, weight restrictions, hazards, and a slew of other important facts of information that consumers should know before a purchase. Following this rule will allow consumers the peace of mind in knowing they won’t have to return the television stand just hours later.


IKEA glass TV stand


Rattan TV stand by Lots Rattan Furniture Ltd

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