Thanksgiving Home Decorations Ideas

Thanksgiving is a special holiday in our homes, when we all take a little time to appreciate the gifts and blessings in our lives. Thanksgiving home decorations are fun for not only you and your family, but also for your neighbors and friends who see your house. They also make great presents to bring to any Thanksgiving party you go to. An especially nice gift is a vintage Thanksgiving decoration that acts not only as a seasonal gift but is also a valued collectible.

Themes for thanksgiving include turkeys, of course, but can also include pilgrims, fall foliage, pumpkins, and harvest items. In general, the colors are the natural fall foliage colors of oranges, browns, yellows, and black. You can have decorations for the table, the walls of your house, the doors of your house, the windows of your house, or a centerpiece for the dining table during the Thanksgiving meal.


If you care at all about infusing your home or your Thanksgiving gathering with the spirit of the holiday, Thanksgiving decorations are a must. Not only for the interior of your home, Thanksgiving decorations can also be used on your lawn or other exterior components of your house. Windows or doors are especially nice places to display Thanksgiving decorations because they lend a warm and welcoming atmosphere to your home that’s quite fitting for the season.


Since Thanksgiving home decorations can sometimes be hard to find, one thing that’s helpful to keep in mind is the holiday’s color scheme of oranges, yellows, browns, going with existing neutrals. You can also use aubergine, fuchsia and deep purple layered with gold accents.

Thanksgiving decoration ideas

Fall foliage and fall harvest items are one popular way to decorate your home. Gourds are usually available for purchase starting around November, and fall leaves are colorful, plentiful, and free in many parts of the country. Pumpkins, of course, are popular, as are dried corn-on-the-cobs.

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Thanksgiving crafts are also quite popular in pre-schools and elementary schools across the country. Using your children’s creations are another fun way not only to decorate, but to include them in the festive preparations for the holiday.

The Thanksgiving table, typically the focus of the entire gathering and the part that’s looked forward to, lingered around, and talked about, is also an important arena to display your Thanksgiving home decorations. One good idea is to decorate using Thanksgiving-themed candles. They could be molded in pumpkin, pilgrim, or leaf shapes, for instance, or maybe just incorporate Thanksgiving colors. Candle holders are also good decorations. In addition to setting your table aglow with the special light that only candles shed, they can serve as mementos for your guests to take home with them, allowing them to carry the Thanksgiving spirit back to their own homes.

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