The Different Types Of Awning Covers

To many people, their patio is the most cherished part of their house. It is a source of comfort where you can relax and be alone or have a party for neighbors and friends, but when the weather doesn’t cooperate with that comfort then the solution is an awning cover. A patio awning cover is one way to ensure that you’ll be able to enjoy your patio in rain or shine. These covers come in an endless variety of styles and colors and you can match the awnings with any homes decor. They also add value to your home, making them a very good investment.

When you add a patio awning to your home, it is almost like adding another room to your house. The patio itself is a beautiful feature in any home, but add an awning to that and you have something spectacular. It becomes like an outdoor room that the whole family can enjoy.


You can get patio awnings in two different types and these are automatic or manual. With the manual awning, you can adjust the awning to different pitches and depth of the fabric. You can set it to where you feel you need it at the time and can have it partially open or closed. Automatic awning covers are controlled by an electric arm and open or close with the push of a button, You can also set then up so that you can use a remote control, which is really convenient for those that don’t have the strength or patience to open and close the awnings themselves. The automatic awnings usually come with a manual override in case of power outages.

Awnings are not just made for patios. Some people install them over their windows or they will brighten up a walkway with them. They can become very energy efficient as well. They are wonderful at keeping the bright sunlight out and can prevent the drapes and furniture from suffering with sun rot. It keeps the temperature in the home a little cooler than getting the direct sunlight and this can come in really handy on those hot summer days if your window is facing South. An awning can reduce the heat up to 65 percent, and with a West window it can reduce the heat up to 77 percent. Sometimes they are used just to beautify the home and add charm and elegance to it.

We all know how hot it can get in an RV in the middle of the summer. Well you can add a beautiful awning to your motor home and you will not only have shade on the outside, but will be able to enjoy the cooler temperatures that it provides on the inside. These awnings can be attached to your motor home so that they work automatically or manually. They will make a big difference in front of your motor home while you sit in the shade having a cool one. They will also make a big difference when you walk inside to prepare a meal and the temperature is a lot cooler. This is a good investment for you and your motor home, as it adds to the value of your RV and gives you comfort at the same time.









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