The Egg Chair: Then & Now

The egg chair is one of the latest trends in modern home design. Many people are raving about the comfort and style this chair provides. Needless to say, these chairs are one of the fastest growing trends in furniture home design.

Today’s egg chairs are redesigns and modern adaptations of the original “Egg,” which was the brainchild of Arne Jacobsen for a Copenhagen hotel in 1958. In the past, due to the limited number manufactured these styles definitely denoted exclusivity.


Through the years, the chair has retained its classic appeal. And these days, there are undeniably large amount of home design and furniture businesses that offer these stylish and comfortable chairs. It is considered as a classic in home design yet it has captured the hearts of the modern followers. Many people have really begun purchasing this kind of item as has re-defined home and office styling and comfort.


Here are some well-known facts and information about egg chairs:

– The modern egg chair provides the highest level of comfort and relaxation. They are made with the highest quality seat cushions making them soft and perfect for rest and relaxation. These cushions are available in a couple of different materials. You can choose from either wool- or leather-based cushions.


– These styles vary in different styles and sizes. You can choose the exact replica of Arne Jacobsen design or its modern versions such as the Lunar Lounger as well as the Double Wide.

– This set of home design ideas also comes in variety of colors and designs. A lot of manufacturers offer more than 10 colors to choose from so there is surely a piece that will complement your room, home or office. If you wish for more avant-garde pieces, there are also egg chairs that are crafted with colorful and creative designs. Modern versions of these home products also include pieces framed with fiber glass.


– Many designs are also custom-improved with a swiveling feature.

Modern egg chair adaptations are available at reasonable prices. Although you need to pay a higher amount of money than you do with standard or conventional chairs, the product is actually considered a luxury item which entails value for your money. You can be assured to get your money’s worth in comfort and design.





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