The Faliro Loft In Athens

The Faliro Loft has been designed by Athens-based Aaron Ritenour and Sotiris Mallas, founders of Esé Studio Architects. Created to showcase a mixture of uncommon textures, types and geometric patterns, the Faliro Loft in Athens is an absolute showstopper.

The space feels quite industrial with the concrete ceilings, raw, unpainted wood, and steel room dividers, the Japanese element comes in with the sliding shoji screens, which are also from unpainted plywood, and also the small pool which soon should have some koi fish which are very feng shui. Color is introduced into the mainly neutral interior through the red and blue of the decorative ceramic screens formed into backing for shelves and dividing units.


The living room and kitchen furniture is custom made for the space including pieces by Patricia Urquiola, making the Faliro Loft equally suitable for a corporate image as well as a sophisticated urban residence. The dining table and kitchen are used during the day as the conference table and office coffee/snacks, and at night as the dining and cooking area. The sleeping area is on the south west part of the building and separated with a series of concrete columns. The master bedroom area was the old accounting office. It had low ceilings with white stucco, we chipped a bit away and found what became our biggest stroke of luck, the waffled concrete ceiling, that became one of the key elements of the space.

Monochromatic black and gray surfaces combine with distinct geometric shapes and patterns to shape an amazing and vibrant setting. Situated above the store of the designer, the total loft is utilized as an effective operate area during day and is transformed into a relaxing home soon after dusk. Intricate lattice perform, oriental-styled plywood screens and sensible shelves even more accentuate the attractiveness of the ingenious loft.






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