The Log Home Lifestyle

The Log Home Lifestyle – Whether it was purchased as your main home or as a vacation home, there are many reasons why the log home lifestyle is different from living in a traditional home. Here are some tips to help you enjoy the true log home lifestyle.

One of the reasons people buy a log home is to be closer to nature. Whether they buy a log cabin deep in the woods as a vacation getaway or ski lodge, or whether they choose a larger log home in a forested but sparsely populated area, you can bet the setting will more than likely be somewhere where nature and wildlife is beautiful. You can better enjoy nature by having a patio, deck or balcony where you can have meals outside.


First and foremost, your decor should be a good match to the rugged, rustic beauty of the log interior and exterior walls. The logs should be the backdrop to decor that reflects your own personal style without clashing with the primitive uniqueness of the logs. Whether you choose furniture made from logs and twigs, traditional wood antiques, ranch style decor, an old western motif or just a comfy cabin style with a modern edge, there are many styles that will go well with a log home interior design. Extremely modern furniture with straight edges and bright colors may not match well with your log home’s interior but you can always mix and match to find that perfect eclectic feel that best reflects your personality. A type of furniture that would go perfect in any log home is log furniture.

You may also want to bring nature into your home to help decorate it. You can make gorgeous log home decorations for holidays and year round by using pinecones, fallen leaves, twigs and branches. Pinecones can even make a beautiful centerpiece for your hall table or dinner table. You can also decorate your art and picture frames with found twigs and branches.

Any home can be comfortable, but a log home can offer a cozy, warm feeling that a traditional home simply cannot duplicate. Just imagine sitting by the fire sipping a cup of hot cocoa. Imagine waking up in a room where the logs walls are exposed and feeling like your in an old western movie. Imagine celebrating Christmas in a log home, with a huge Christmas tree, stockings hanging over the rustic fireplace and the children snuggled safely in their beds to awaken to presents from Santa the next morning. The ambience of a log home is like no other.

Do you want your home to stand out from the rest? A log home will definitely stand out. The look of a log home is so unique and rustic, especially in an area where there are traditionally built homes. Are you someone who doesn’t like to conform to what the rest of the crowd is doing? A log home lifestyle may be the way to go.










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