The Must-Have Home Decorative Items

From a grandmother’s classic china dinner set, a small decorated family photo frame, a royal teapot to the most expensive paintings, the must-have home decorative items simply define the personality and character of the house and its dwellers. So whether you want to give your house a bright and chirpy look, a warm mood, a dark or wood look or a regal appeal, home décor accessories would, surely, do that for you!

Here is a quick list of the must-have home decorative items that would surely distinguish your house from the neighbor’s and would give it a welcoming and comfortable charm.


Mirrors are the ultimate home accessories that add grandeur to the décor. They not only give a classy look to the ambience but also magically make the house much spacious. They bring natural light into the house and make the entire space appear brightened up as well as large. One can choose from many interesting shapes and sizes like a huge framed mirror (decorated like a painting), a medium sized centerpiece or even a small silver hand mirror.



Candles are simply the best to add a hint of light and warmth to the ambiance of the house. Various interestingly shaped and lightly scented candles made of beeswax, whale oil, paraffin and soybean wax are available in the market. These decorative candles help in relaxing and calming the environment along with giving a fascinating look to the house.

Art Pieces

Art pieces are the most versatile home accessories. Right from beautiful paintings, artistic sculptures to interesting kids’ crayon drawings, any art piece can add colors to your house. For a traditional home decor, there could be nothing better than classic landscape paintings, reprints of classical works, porcelain or ceramic sculptures, etc. On the other hand, bold, colorful and unique paintings or metal wall-hung sculptures would be the perfect choice for modern home décor.



Houseplants are the charming home accessories that not only make the space look visually appealing but also add a refreshing and natural touch to it. There are many houseplants that neutralize all the harmful chemicals that naturally occur in furniture, flooring and paints such as polyethylenes and formaldehydes. The use of houseplants like bamboo, snake plants, English ivy or spider plants make the environment greener and cleaner. Also, no artificial air fresheners are required as these houseplants would do the job naturally. One may choose bold colored flowers for a modern home decor, ferns and vines for a Victorian and classic theme or cactuses for an earthy look.

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