The Perfect Tiles For Your Home

Tiles cam add drama and interest to the room they are in. They can add a level of sophistication or they can help make the room inviting. Tiles can be used to make an area easy to clean. They can be used on the walls, for floors, on tabletops, windowsills or anywhere else you may choose to add them. They are one of the most versatile things you can place in a home.

Bathrooms are one of the most common areas to find tiles. Placed on the walls, they can make the bathroom look lavish and like a spa retreat, or give it a retro feel. If you want to add shower tiles, they can be solid or used to create a pattern using mosaic techniques. You can use these to coordinate the color scheme and have it blend, or use these to make it look like a Roman bath house. The possibilities are endless here.


Bathroom floors can also be tiled, and many people find this uncomfortable on bare feet. Heated tiles can also be good in a bathroom. These use a mat that rolls under the tiles and has an electrical system to heat the tiles above and is controlled by a thermostat. You can easily do this yourself, but you will need to get an electrician to install the thermostat.

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Kitchens also can make great use of tiles. They can be used on counter tops and as flooring, and be decorative or solid. Granite is one of the recommended types to use because of the stain resistant properties and the longevity of the material, and it comes in a large assortment of colors for you to choose from.

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Back splashes in the kitchen are also popular. There is no set hard and fast rules for these, they can be placed in a small area behind the stove, or they can be used as a border above the counter all around the room, but this allows the structure and walls to be protected and easily cleanable.


You will want to choose your counter tops first so you can utilize the back splash to give a high contrast, furthering the beauty of the tiles. These can again be placed in a mosaic pattern or be solid and can be narrow or wide. Some of the more interesting kitchen tiles are now being produced in stainless steel, and gives it a rich feel to the kitchen. Glass can also be used effectively behind the sink to allow light in like a window would, but still maintain your privacy.


Flooring is also popular when tiled, and they can be made of durable ceramic or granite as well. Both of these can withstand heavy use and come in many colors to match your decor to the room. You can choose to have these large or small and include patterns if you like.

Tiles are also traditionally used for fireplaces and mantles. This can add new life to your existing one and make it a focal point of the room. Tiles can be used to make the fireplace more interesting and can create a traditional beauty in the room many modern builders have forgotten about. Some of the tiles for these can be unique and highly artistic.


Tiles can make cleaning easier, and give your home an expensive look. Modern or rustic, tiles can fit into any home.

As far as the tile itself goes, the work – while somewhat involved – can be carried off by someone who takes a few moments to study and practice just a bit before cutting and installing the tile itself. It is far more important to make sure that the floor underneath the tile is as flat as possible and on the same plane as the tile that will be going over it.


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