The Selection Of Fabric Sofa

What should you be looking for in your new fabric sofa? Naturally, something stylish; but you should also consider the practical side of such a major purchase. Is the fabric hard-wearing? Is it easy to clean? Fabric sofa is welcomed by younger, because the color is bright and the design is attractive, the coat of fabric sofa which can be dismantling is easy to clean.

In nowadays, the style and brand of fabric sofa are more and more, while the many people do not know to choose which. It is not because one cannot find the satisfy one, but for the reason they like most of sofa and do not know how to select.

The selection of color

The color of fabric sofa should be accordance with parlor. If the color of parlor is deep, you can choose the bright sofa, such as white, light green, sky blue, orange and so on, to break the depressing effect of whole room. If the wall and floor have light color, then the color of fabric sofa should be relatively deep, you can choose gray, nut-brown, black…

Besides, the color and material of fabric sofa should be accordance with other furniture. If the TV bench and tea table are nut-brown, then the color of sofa should belong to same color system, what’s more, the handrail and holder of sofa should be nut-brown as well; if other furniture of parlor is metal or glass structure, the handrail and holder of fabric sofa should be metal as well, the color can be deep and light as you like.

The size of fabric sofa

If the area of parlor is large, you can choose 1+2+3 sofa. Putting the fabric sofa into form of sitting face to face, so that family can sitting together with a harmonious atmosphere; if the parlor is small, a corner sofa adding with ottoman can put as will is enough. After working, singles can lay or sit on the sofa at will, or you can hug your love chatting or watching TV.

The details you should pay attention to

Of course, you should not ignore the quality of fabric sofa when choosing sofa. If you want to quality can be ensured, you first should choose marketplace which has a good reputation, which the quality can be ensured, and supplying with professional good deliver service and install service.

At the same time, there are several details that you should pay attention to: first, the frame of fabric sofa should be super stable stricter, dry hard wood, should not have outstanding place. However the edge should have rolloff to extrude the shape of sofa. Second, the main connection should with be fixed to ensure the using life. In order to safe and comfortable, the back should have same requirements with sear.

The maintenance of fabric sofa

The fabric sofa has beautiful pattern and it very comfortable, while people worry that the clean problem of fabric sofa. In fact, the coat of fabric sofa can be unpicked to wash, if it is necessary, you can prepare several different coat for sofa.








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