Timeless Decor With White and Black Mosaic Tiles

Color as an indicator of social mood has significant commercial implications with different palettes attributed to different arenas, environment and culture. Colors and fashion have been synonymous since time unknown. The contrasting spill of black and white is a great idea for your interior design.

– Its usage gives an elegant look and breaks the monotony. Hence its often used while doing the interiors of the house or workplace.

– Putting up an art which is bright in colors abundant with intricate details with various shades of reds, blues, oranges and gold in a living room with a black and white theme is quite a challenge.

– It is crucial to understand the control of colors in a room and how to put them across in right proportions in a tasteful manner to create an aura of simple elegance and timely decor.


Palace Stone Collection by Versace

Mosaic tiles – Decor beyond imagination

Contrast colours: Mosaic tiles are largely used in black and white colour in houses, offices and commercial places to create an element of interest. For believers of Feng shui, the color black represents power and protection, while white is both a symbol of innocence and wisdom. So both of them complement one another.

Ancestral existence: Unlike most styles of tiling which can be traced to a certain period or country black and white colour on the walls has been predominantly existing with us since man first began to scratch on white walls with a blackened block of charcoal.


Gold flecks used smartly: Mosaic tiles in black is often contrasted with white and is used as flooring to decorate a hallway. A soft fleck of gold is added to the black to enhance the contrasting white mosaic tiles.

Explore the vastness: There are endless possibilities of creating beautiful patterns on the flooring as per your preference. The chequered chessboard arrangement is the most desirably popular of all. Black and white contrast has ancestral implications too.



Bisazza tiles

The complementing decor to support the black and white flooring can look good with supporting contemporary accessories and artefact’s. One should use enough play on the walls and upholstery to complement the flooring in black and white. The rest of the spaces could be kept simple. As ornate elements gel with Indian art, modern sleek look looks good as contrast.

The usage of tiles in black and white colour is that they tend to bring an amazing amount of power and drama to any room regardless of the concept.





Black and white Victorian mosaic tiles

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