Top Bathroom Trends 2013

The bathroom trends 2013 are moving towards more modern, streamline designs. Creating simple, clean lines are in, making the heavy and chunky moldings of the past look outdated. The modern bathroom design 2013 is pleasing to the eye, yet also both functional and relaxing. There are a few trends that are perfect for changing the mood and feel of your space. The top bathroom design trends for 2013 are:

1. Natural light. People want bathrooms to be brighter and more sun-filled than ever before. From skylights to floor-to-ceiling windows, natural light is a hot trend for bathrooms in 2013. This is ideal for bathrooms that face natural scenery. Bringing in the outdoors to your bathroom helps emphasize that spa-like, personal retreat.


2. Eco-friendly bathroom. With technology becoming smarter and a more conscious effort towards ‘greening’ your home, we’re seeing a large increase in eco-friendly products being used in the bathroom. Energy saving bathroom lighting, smart heaters, low flow shower heads, dual flush toilets and water saving faucets are all wonderful ways of Drdrip plumbing. Even using recycled glass countertops and tile can look absolutely beautiful in the bathroom.


3. Spa-like bathroom accessories. There’s been more emphasis than ever on creating your very own personal spa oasis in your bathroom. Jetted showers are at the top of the list for must-haves for bathroom designs in 2013. For quick, luxury upgrades, install heated towel racks or a color changing LED lit shower head. The LED lights in the shower head can be powered by the water current and change color to correspond with the temperature of the water. For a larger project, install heated floors in your bathroom for added warmth and comfort.


4. Streamline design. Streamline the design of your bathroom with wall-mounted toilets and wall-hung vanities that appear to float over the floor. Create a more luxurious, spacious feel in your bathroom with floating fixtures. Large windows and a frameless shower enclosure will also give the illusion of more space while enhancing the beauty of your bathroom.


5. Soaking tubs. 2013 sees noisy jacuzzi tubs replaced with serene soaking tubs. Get rid of the traditionally large decking that surrounds your bath tub and maximize space and modernize your bathroom with a brand new soaking tub. Soaking tubs do not require the additional plumbing of a traditional jacuzzi tub and are generally larger in size.

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