Trendy Cushion Covers For Your Teens

Trendy Cushion Covers For Your Teens – Just like bags and belts are some of the accessories but still make a big impact on the overall look, cushions have a same role to play in the home d├ęcor. They work as decorative elements to make any ordinary space engrossing in appeal. When it’s about decorating a teenager’s room, a challenge of designing is quite tough. Since teens fall neither to a kid’s category nor to adults, it’s quite tricky to meet their interests. They obviously don’t want to be surrounded by pretty dolls and soft teddies or the monotonous, sophisticated aura, one must be very careful while dealing a project “Makeover of teen’s space”.
As they are high on enthusiasm, very much passionate about their hobbies and interests, better keep their room vibrant and motivating. Don’t go too loud or too simple; a perfect balance for keeping the energy alive in the room is required. Here, you need cushions to make your job easy and fast.


They might be the additional but still can make any solid piece of furniture a desirable cozy nook for your grownups. It might be their bedding, floor space or the bean bags, they are versatile in function, thus can be used anywhere you require the dash of color or comfort.

Some safe and friendly options for trendy cushion cover which all teenagers would love inside their setting include:

1. Sporty player. Adolescence is the age when children are actively involved in sports. Boys or girls both love to find an eternal bliss in playing their favorite indoor or outdoor game. It could be chess or the football, which bring an adrenaline rush to their veins. They would thank you many times when you get their favorite player print on the cushion cover.


Sports Quilted Decorative Cushion Covers, Pottery Barn

2. Fashionable chic. For your highly stylish daughter, who has just started following all fashion blogs, magazine and celebrities can’t be satisfied with a Barbie anymore. She needs all the glamorous stuff around here to meet her new umber chic side. It could be any famous model, a cool girly hat, shades or jewelry which she would love to flaunt.


‘Happy Girls are the Prettiest’ Cushion Cover, Etsy

3. Music serenity. Sweet melodies in any form bring sudden peace and inspiration to life. This fact is a booster for many teens and this is why their personality takes a bend towards music. Some opt for singing, some love to explore mystery of musical instruments and others find happiness in dancing on various beats. A rhythmic theme based cover to jazz up the aura is marvelous.


Guitar Teens Cushion Covers, Swayam

4. Go smiley way. Facial expressions say a lot, may be this is what make smiles a big hit. They are a part of messages, cards, even on tees and everything teens deals with. They use them everywhere possible to express their every feeling, emotion with its true essence. So, let them incorporate in their room as well. Choose all the smiling, laughter, naughty, dramatic and moody smiley which resemble your children the best and surprise them.


Destination Pillow Covers, Pottery Barn

5. Classy pump up. You might want to motivate your children for their next important exam or any important stage performance. You could gift an inspirational message cover then showing your support, love and affection. It can also go a bit entertaining way to remove the boredom which settles down during board exams.


Night Village Cushion Cover, Velvet Folk Art Abstract Primitive, Karla Gerard

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