Upgrade Your Kitchen With Colorful Countertops

Upgrade Your Kitchen With Colorful Countertops – When decorating or upgrading your kitchen, it is important that your countertops and surfaces match not only your decor, but also your personal style. The colors you choose for your countertops speak for you, and give visitors a certain impression about you when they view your home.

When choosing color, you should consider:

What kind of impression will this scheme leave? How will the palette complement the kitchen’s architecture and design? What kind of emotions does the color evoke? How will the color scheme be perceived by perspective home buyers in the future?

Also, it is important to consider the appliance finish and wall color in the kitchen. How will all the elements work together? Don’t forget you can also introduce color through geometric pattern within countertops. This styling choice can add a bit more flavor and style to your room.


What do colors say, and how do they make you feel?

Choosing a white or natural color palette says tasteful, modern, and simple. However, personality can be added to a plain scheme using patterns and shapes in other decor. Earth tones speak volumes, communicating honesty and straightforwardness, while putting people at ease in a room. Earth tones are easy to pair with accent furnishings in your kitchen design. This particular scheme may also be complimented with jewel undertones.

Darker colors on countertops, like mahogany or jet black, most definitely make a statement about the space. They suggest class and elegance, and a certain serious, formal behavior; however, they can easily be lightened up with the right accent decor.

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Changing appeal

Certain color schemes work well in certain kitchen. Depending on kitchen type, specific countertop colors may work well in some space while not at all in others. In kitchens with luxuriant space and large windows that supply natural light, a dark countertop would look very appealing. It would be elegant and subtle, and provide and classic look. On the other hand, a darker space, with darker appliances and less light, would do better with a lighter countertop that would open up the kitchen and provide a bigger and more reflective sentiment.

Light countertops also work particularly well with light flooring. Remember, lights and darks can always be paired together, or you could pair darks with more dark depending on the mood you are trying to convey in the kitchen. Whatever colors you choose, make sure they are reflective of your own personal style.

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