Urban City Gardening

Living in a city presents quite a few difficulties while you want to have a garden. Small areas, concrete slabs and busy lifestyles all make gardening a challenge. Urban gardening is gardening wherever you have a sunny spot that can be devoted to gardening in tubs or pots. You can garden on your roof, in front of a sunny window or on your outside patio. You should choose a spot that will be convenient for gardening in tubs or pots, easy to water and work around. When you have chosen the best place to garden in your urban home, condominium or apartment, you are ready to plan your garden. You need to plan the materials you will need in accordance to what you want to plant in your urban garden. You can buy kits to help you construct your urban garden. There are large tub containers, or simple pots to choose from. You should use your imagination to picture what you want.

Most vegetables and plants will grow easily in a pot or tub. You can grow a salad selection, or grow other vegetables of your choice. You can even grow flowers to grace your home. You can put pots on a rack of shelves in front of a sunny window.

If the window faces south or southeast, it will be best. If you do not have a south window, any sunny window will suffice. You can grow plants in containers on your patio or at the side of your home. If you use the side of your home you have the advantage of having a wall by your urban garden.


The pot or tub should have holes in the bottom for proper drainage. You should fill it with loose potting soil. Be sure you don’t pack it down until it is hard.

Plants need loose soil so the air will circulate in the soil. The seedlings will come up easily in loose soil. You can add extra nourishment to the soil if needed. You will need to keep the soil moist so it should be located near a water source. You will need to check on your urban city garden consistently to keep it growing in a healthy manner. The container should be filled with soil up to about one inch from the top of the container.


The seeds should be planted about one-half inch below the surface of the soil. You should read the directions on the seed package for planting instructions. Try to leave enough room between plants so the air can circulate around them. Your home will have a beautiful appearance with your urban garden. The freshness of plants will grace your premises.


An urban city garden brings the great outdoors to your home and seems to bring freshness the air around you. It creates the impression of soft breezes in your home. Looking at the greenery is pleasing to the eye and soothing to the soul. Your urban city garden will be a pleasure to you for many years to come.



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