Use Blankets For Interior Design

Use blankets for interior design and make a space pleasing to the eye and fulfilling within. Wool, Lambswool, Mohair blankets come in neutral and bright colors in a mix of patterns. The red tartan wool blanket your grandmother used to put over her legs during the chilly evenings.

Choose the blanket in your favorite colors of purples, reds, browns, greens. Color can be fun, vibrant and exciting and you can use as much of it as you wish to give a desired effect. Colors affect our moods and thoughts and much research has been done on this. You name it. Drape a blanket over a sofa back, ottoman or chaise longue to add extra home look. A rather inexpensive way to create a beautiful decoration and utterly practical too.


Blankets collection of Atelier Sukha, Amsterdam

For snuggly warmth and long-lasting durability, you simply can’t beat pure wool. Only the finest wool fibers are used to weave this premium collection of Finnish design wool blankets. Uni blanket offers several soft solid colors, while the Kaisa design boasts a handsome plaid design. If you prefer a more contemporary look, you’ll love our Kehrä and Lammas woolen throws.

wool-blanket blanket-finnish

PÄKÄPÄÄT – SHEEP Wool Throw Blanket (left), TAIVALTAJAT – HIKERS Wool Throw Blanket (right), Nordic Interior Design

Moroccan wedding blankets for interior design have been growing in popularity for a few years, and have really taken off over the last couple of months. The blankets are also known as Handiri, and are traditionally handmade in Morocco; with bushy white stands and sequins these bohemian beauties look wonderful used as blankets, wall hangings or rugs.


Moroccan wedding blankets

The blankets have long been associated with comfort and coziness. If the apartment is cold, you can cover yourself with a blanket or wrap cold feet. Use blankets for interior design and they attach to the special atmosphere of comfort and warmth.




moroccan-blanket3 moroccan-blanket2

Moroccan wedding blanket (handiri) used as a rug

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