Valentine’s Day In The Home With Style

Valentine’s Day In The Home With Style – If you wish to spend Valentine’s Day with the loved one at home, you can create a romantic atmosphere with just a bit of effort. Create unique details and your partner will feel very special and loved, and wrap the Valentine’s Day present with an extra care.

Hanging hearts

It is very easy to make those hearts. You need oil crayons, white paper, scissors, iron and ribbons for hanging. Scrape oil crayons into small shreds and sprinkle them on paper, or use crayons directly on paper in thick layer. Cover the paper with another sheet or two of paper.

Heart-shaped cushions in pink, red or white color can be a lovely decorative detail, as well as paper lampshades and balloons. To decorate the table use the bowl or plate with rose petals, apples, strawberries or chocolates. You can wrap those details with pink or red ribbons.


Use the iron over the paper until the crayon is melted down completely. When the paper is cold, cut out the hearts and hang them with ribbons on the windows. The light will go through them and create nice and gentle feeling.


White and red candles for an intimate atmosphere

For an intimate atmosphere set up white and red candles in different sizes all around your home. Be sure you put some candles around the mirrors – that will emphasize the effect. The candles should be parallel to mirrors to make a visual duplicates.


Use of fabrics and decorating colors in interior

Play with the fabrics! You can use any fabric – from velvet to cottons and silk – because the various textures will make you feel cozy and sensual. Handmade table decoration and imaginative color combinations are very important and effective.
Fill your home with colors. Use gentle and creamy shades of pink, violet and yellow as the romantic option, or black, red and white color scheme if you prefer elegant and chic style.







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