Warmpath: Kitchen Table With Built-in Fireplace

Warmpath: Kitchen Table With Built-in Fireplace – ‘Warmpath’ – even the names of things you can imagine – a combination of a kitchen table and fireplace. This kitchen table is a design project by Luxembourg artist Michael Harboun. Fireplace here, of course, is not there by accident, because thanks to him and realized the stove.

In addition, the conduct of the stove is run through the table surface. Thanks to the material Corian counter is able to withstand high temperatures and heat to the cold and the warm cozy feeling.



Unlike some of Harboun’s other more experimental futuristic projects, this is a sort of when-Harry-met-Sally piece, expressive like his inked figure drawings rather than being a suggestion about the way things should be.

If design is a narrative, then Michael Harboun is most certainly a storyteller: ‘Warmpath tells the story of two familiar objects, a table and a stove, meeting on a cold winter day. Their dialogue gives shape to an unexpected object.’


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