Watercolor Pattern In Interior Design

Watercolor Pattern In Interior Design – Watercolor pattern is a look that is growing significantly in popularity; it’s a trendy motif in interior design 2018 as well… It is popping up everywhere from wallpaper to throw pillows. Of course, as a trend 2018, it can become quite expensive to incorporate this look into your interior design. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to bring some watercolor into your home.


Watercolor wallpaper

If you’ve got a larger budget, you may find yourself considering watercolor wallpaper. This route can be pricey, but the results are often completely worth it. With watercolor wallpaper, you have a one-of-a-kind look that no one can replicate. So, if you’re one of those trend setters who hates being copied, this look might be perfect for you; after all-no two watercolors ‘paintings’ are alike! Plus, you can find color combinations through various companies to match your existing interior design, helping you blend the two looks together effortlessly.


Homemade artwork

No two pieces of authentic watercolor artwork are alike, period. Even if you try to recreate the same look, it will still be different somehow. With that in mind, why not incorporate this look into your existing interior design by using homemade watercolor wall art? You can purchase the supplies cheaply and easily at your local craft store and have the entire project done in just a few hours. Voila-an instant and cheap way to add watercolor to your home and you can use this look in bedroom designs, living room designs and other room designs in your home.


Throw pillows and blankets

Though it’s not true ‘watercolor‘, many companies are creating throw blankets and throw pillows whose patterns are mimicked after watercolor paintings. Since these tend to be more mass-produced, you’ll probably be sharing this interior design look with a few other people. However, chances of you sharing the look with your neighbors or your mother-in-law are slim to none, so don’t be afraid to invest in this particular look if desired. Throw pillows and blankets can vary greatly in cost, so keep this in mind. You may find some pretty expensive pieces or you may find some more budget-friendly alternatives, so keep your eyes open for the right look for your space.






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