What Does Your Interior Design Say About You?

Everyone has their own style and taste when it comes down to designing and decorating their home. Whether you like modern and sleek designs or you are more comfortable with a cosy cottage feel, everyone has their own personal preference.

Deciding on a color scheme and a theme is one of the hardest jobs when you have just moved into a new house. Just remember that you can have various colors and themes in each room if you don’t want all your rooms to look the same. Decorating the study with pine wood bookshelves for example adds a sense of sophistication to the room, even if you only use it to play gamesĀ  like cheeky bingo on your computer.

Decorating your living room with warm colors like pale yellow and pink is inviting and cosy, while cool colors such as grey and pale blue create an atmosphere of tranquility. You lifestyle will have a huge influence on what sort of environment you wish to create. Familys are more likely to use warm colors because they are vibrant, fun and inviting. The deco might be a bit mix and match which makes it feel used and lived in. A couple who prefer tranquility are more likely to try and create a calming retreat within their home by using minimal furniture and cool colors.


Neutral colors also play a role in home decor. If you have a lot of white space in your home then this suggests you admire simplicity, whereas colorful designs reveal a love of art, excitement and mystery.

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Those who like artistic and quirky furniture which draws attention to the natural beauty of the materials may lead a more contemplative life. On the other hand, rooms decorated with Louis XIV style furnishings or Victorian embellishments create a sensuous environment which appeals to your love of physical beauty.

Louis XIV style

How you keep your house often points towards your need for control. A very tidy and clean home means you enjoy taking control over your environment. On the other hand, a messy or chaotic home shows you might be more relaxed about life or you are just a very busy person.

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