Where to Place Fairy Lights In Your Home?

Where to place fairy lights in your home – Fairy lights offer a beautiful and magical way to light up the home. They can be used in any room in the house and in a whole variety of ways to brighten the room, provide a lovely ambience and generally turn the house into a home. This article looks at specific ways in which fairy lights can be used in the home and outside it too, to make it the envy of all your friends.

Fairy lights are available for indoor use and outdoor use too. In fact it is even possible to buy lights that can be for both. These are the best type to purchase because it means that if you decide to change their position you can. Outside there are many places and many ways you can use them.


At Christmas time you can outline the windows and doors of the house to turn it into a magical place. You can also hang lights in all the trees. White lights can be used if you want an elegant look, although colored lights look fantastic too. Because you can buy battery operated lights, it doesn’t matter if there are no plugs nearby to plug in the lights. This means you can wrap lights in the branches or trees or place them wherever you want. If hidden within the branches of a tree, they can provide a starlit canopy under which you can sit and entertain guests. It may be cold however, so a patio heater might be necessary! Even the very smallest of outdoor spaces can be brightened up with lights of some sort.


Fairy lights by IKEA

Roof terraces can look beautiful with a fairy lights display. Fairy lights around the table or within a plant can provide a true party atmosphere. There are rope lights available that can be used to light pathways or be wrapped around tress for a summery, holiday feel. There is no end to how the outside of your home can benefit from fairy lights of some kind. If you are having a themed party, then specialist party fairy lights can be bought and strung up. Nothing creates a better party atmosphere than small twinkling lights, or novelty lights at a fancy dress party. You can have a lot of fun providing a lighting scheme for your garden or outside space.


Inside the home fairy lights can be just as fun. In the kitchen they can look sensational when draped along shelves or hanging down over the cupboards at Christmas. The only word of warning is to make sure you can still open all your drawers and cupboards easily! In the sitting room they can be used as the main light source in the evening. Nothing provides a more atmospheric mood then fairy lights in the room. You can use them up the banisters of the house and throughout the bedrooms too.


Fairy lights as kitchen decor

Your children will love having fairy lights in their room. There are colored lights available that look especially good at Christmas time and there are even lights that come in particular casings such as stars or angels. Fairy lights are much safer than candles but can provide that same low level lighting that really makes a house a home. That is why they are so popular and can be found in houses across the world.

fairy-lights3 fairy-lights4

Fairy lights can be used throughout the inside of the house and all around the outside too. If you want to have a home that you enjoy relaxing in then you should definitely invest in a few types of fairy lights. If there are no plugs to use then you can purchase battery lighting which works for many hours. Whether it is rope lights or battery operated fairy lights, you should buy online for the greatest choice and best prices.


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