White, Yellow And Black Colors In Home Decorating

Basically we are always in a dilemma when need to choose a color that will adorn our interior. The most of us follow the fashion trends or listen to the friends’ advices, but some people even listen to themselves and choose what they like the most. If you think you still have not chosen the right color for your interior design, then the combination of yellow, white and black is an absolute hit.

When we are talking about this combination of colors, the most people are amazed, but there are a few who think that there is nothing nice about it. This text can convince them that the combination of those three colors is very nice and modern and that creates a better appearance.


For example, bathroom is usually neglected as far as color, because we do not pay attention to which color will dominate him. With the combination of these three colors your bathroom can shine. The best option is to paint walls or choose tiles in white color, and details in the combination of yellow and black.

Home decor is very important and generally it adorn our shelves or table, but we should pay more attention on their use. They must be fitted in colors and shapes. In the combination of white, yellow and black your living space will be decorated without any mistake.


Just because white is the most gentle, and black color is the strongest one, yellow color creates a balance between them. As a matter of fact, yellow can be used to balance the black and white contrast. Sometimes it’s enough to add just one pillow, a blanket, or some other yellow home accessory to creates the perfect effect.

yellow-black-room1 yellow-black-bathroom

If you decide to use this color combination, you have to pay attention on following things, to avoid ruining the look of the interior. You shouldn’t go overboard in combination of different colors, so do not put on the shelves all home accessories in yellow, white and black. Try to create harmony among the colors – one color should dominate, and the other has to follow and complete the dominating one. In the rooms which have little natural light do not use black as the dominant color, because the effect would not be satisfying. If you’re listening to our advice, you’ll make a perfect home which is decorated with taste.

yellow-black-dining yellow-interior


yellow bathroom11 yellow-bathroom22


yellow-interior black-dining room

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  1. Charlotte says:

    Where can I get the yellow feature wall wallpaper from. I want the exact same for my living room.

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