Window Garden

Window Garden – Window garden turns an ordinary window into a tiered arrangement of flowers and greenery. Shelves of glass or transparent plastic are fixed across the window opening at convenient heights, and the pots are arranged along each shelf. It is an excellent way to show off cacti and succulents, or beautiful flowering plants and other sun lovers.

Plants sparkle when they’re set in the showcase of your windows. Light makes the colors of bloom and foliage all the more glowing, and it is good for a plant’s growth. A window garden can be part of the architecture and interior design. It can also be assembled by placing plants on stands in front of a window or by installing a hanger such as that in the family room, where an old scale helps suspend a fern in front of a window.

The most successful window garden whether it includes one or a score of plants is one planned to suit the plants that it features in respect to light, temperature, and humidity. If you have a south window, you can grow a variety of flowering plants. East and west windows, too, get enough sun to please some of the most attractive members of the foliage plant family as well as a number of favorite flowering varieties.


In a window garden that features a wide variety of grouped plants, prepare for it in advance by installing shallow plant trays of waterproof metal or plastic. Fill trays to a depth of an inch or more with pebbles. After making sure that all clay pots that can be seen are scrubbed and clean, you’re ready to set the plants on display. Since all excess water can drain off into the pebbles beneath pots, and add humidity to the air, watering chores are greatly reduced and problems of overwatering are solved.

For a hanging garden effect, set pots on a saucer that allows for water to drain off, or into a metal or ceramic container that will prevent damage to furnishings. Depending on the amount of light and the exposure of the window or windows you’re using as plant showcases.






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