Windows Look Fabulous With Roman Shades

Have you ever thought of having a different kind of shade? One that is quite unusual, but not very expensive and one that could come in almost any variety and that could easily be created to fit any size of window? A blind that is simple to make yourself, even if you do not have the skills of a seamstress? Then Roman shades could be just for you.

These shades have been around for many centuries and are still popular today. They not only improve the looks of your room, but also provide warmth to the room. Roman shades are a piece of rectangular fabric that covers the entire window when it is down. The shade could be flat or it could have small horizontal folds spaced evenly down the shade. These are controlled by a set of rings. The fabric is attached to a board that hangs from either above the window or inside the window frame.

If you choose, you can line your Roman shades. Doing so is particularly good for heavy winters. It is also important to note that by keeping a room shaded, they can also keep it cooler in the summer, so besides the beauty of Roman shades, they are very utilitarian and versatile.


Roman shades work well in most rooms and where you could use other kinds of blinds, like mini-blinds, for example. They can even work as sheers under draperies in either a formal living room or dining room so light can filter in but not expose the view. For bedrooms they are especially good for keeping out the light and creating more privacy.


If you think you might like to try for decorating your house, you can either make them or buy them. You don’t need to know much about sewing. A little bit of knowledge and a sewing machine will suffice. One of the great things about these shades is that the colors, fabric, and the width of the folds are limited only by your imagination. You could also strategically place them so that they call attention to themselves, making one room like your living room, to be very unique.


If you need some patterns or ideas, you can get them from many places such as pattern books in fabric stores, displays in fabric stores, magazines, and of course the internet. You can purchase them in stores and through the internet as well. Roman shades work particularly well in older houses with traditional styles and older furniture, and perhaps single-paned windows.

They add style to any home by being eye-catching but not stealing the show from the other decor. So, if you are not yet willing to invest your money in expensive draperies, Roman shades might be just the place to start, and you might find that you want to keep them!




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