Wooden Home Décor

Wooden home décor can provide a classical accent for home decoration or the theme for an entire room. Accent pieces or full wood floors tend to never go out of fashion. While a home may be modernistic and cutting edge in style; wood accents or wooden home décor main themes can remain the same while tastes and styles may change.

When considering how highly wood is valued think of the older style homes with wood parquet floors, these are accents which owners go to great lengths to restore and keep up, no matter what their taste in décor because they are timeless and unique. However not every home is fortunate enough to have genuine wood floors. Fortunately everyone can find accents which can complement the home theme and sense of style.




Wooden home décor accents work the otherwise uninspired room

Sometimes people find it difficult to add personality to a room even though it is otherwise fully furnished. Add a personal touch with wooden décor items that stand out from the ordinary. If the room is lighter in tone add a darker toned wood decor piece such as a hand inlaid wooden coffee table or ornate hand carved wood bowl. If the walls to your den or bar area are dark mahogany then light colored wood accents can not only stand out but provide contrast. An art quality carved teak root jar can add unique touches in a variety of shades.


Wooden home décor items can be simple pieces or as ornate as desired. Light colored woods stand out in darker toned rooms. A technique often used by furniture designers is to add contrasting colored woods to wooden accent tables making unique designs. The most talented woodworkers can select wood whose grains and colors shade with the help of their talented hands, into works of wooden art. Avoid harmonizing wood colors too much, since the contrast provides a visual focal point, the idea of home accents is to complement the home décor and yet stand out.


Wooden home decor accents of art quality

There are few items which can add to a home’s décor than art quality unique handmade wooden accent pieces. When mass produced generic accents won’t do then a handmade wood accent jar or carved root bowl polished to an almost ceramic sheen may well do it.


For the tropical touch a hand carved wooden Tiki may set the theme for the outdoor entertainment area or accent the existing tone of a room or even serve as outdoor accents. Smaller hand carved Tikis from natural Acacia wood may be museum replicas and excellent conversation pieces or the ideal accent for a scholar’s study. While a Tiki might not be perfect for the formal dining room; a hand carved and unique wood root vase could well make an excellent accent piece.



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  1. You are so creative! These wooden home decor can change the whole look of any home. I am inspired with your work. Thanks for sharing.

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