Worst Mistakes To Make With Chandeliers

Worst Mistakes To Make With Chandeliers – There is no denying that chandeliers make beautiful lights in the home. The difficulty, however, can be in buying the wrong type for your particular home. Many times people make bad judgments when it comes to lighting, and never is this truer than with chandeliers. There are some particular mistakes to make with chandeliers:

1. Buying a chandelier that is too large for the room. This is a very common mistake people make. Chandeliers are designed to make an impact of course, but this can be done without the need of buying an oversized light.

If you walk into a room that has a central light that is far too big for the space then the whole room becomes overshadowed by it. The eye will of course be drawn to it but not for the right reasons unfortunately!


Beautiful chandelier improves a glamorous look of the living room

2. Buying a chandelier that is too small for the room. Just as likely, failing to measure up correctly means the central light is just too small. This will negate the point of having such a unique and exciting centerpiece as it will be lost amongst everything else in the room. If you have a very large room and you are looking for a dramatic light then you need to measure up very carefully first.

3. Not enough head room. Not all houses have great, high ceilings. Many modern homes especially have very low ceilinged rooms. If this is the case in your home then you need to consider head height very carefully. Having a chandelier or hanging pendant light of any kind could be impossible simply because there is not enough space for a tall person to walk underneath. Make sure you can shorten the chain on any central hanging light or chandelier for your low ceilinged rooms.


Elegant, modern chandelier in a dining room

4. Mismatched design. If you have a very traditional house then a modern and contemporary design of chandelier will stick out like a sore thumb. Conversely if you have a very modern home then you might not want to choose an ornate and delicate crystal variety. The light has to match the rest of the decor of the room it will be sitting in. If the light is even slightly out of place in the room then it can affect the overall effect which would be a shame.


5. Bad placement of the light. This is the fifth common mistake made with chandeliers and hanging lights in general. They are designed to be the focus of a room, the centre point. That means good placement in the middle of the room is vital. Chandeliers are meant to be proudly displayed, not hidden away from view. If you want to make a dramatic and beautiful effect then you must ensure the light is hung in the centre of the room or hallway.


Extraordinary Antler chandelier perfectly matched with this dining room

6. Having too many in the house. You might think when it comes to chandeliers you can never have too many, but you can. Don’t make the mistake of having too many dotted around the house. They are great in sitting rooms and in dining rooms over the table. They can be used in hallways and bedrooms too, but don’t have one in every room! If you do, make sure they are all different at the very least as otherwise the term ‘overkill’ springs to mind.

When it comes to buying and installing chandeliers, there are many mistakes to make. With all ceiling lighting and wall lights too, make sure you measure up correctly and buy the right type of light for your needs. The right lights can make a dramatic impact, the wrong ones can be disastrous.


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