Zodiaq Countertops Are Perfect For Your Kitchen

Zodiaq countertops have been around doing great for some time to change the drab look of your kitchen into an amazing work of art. The zodiaq countertops are very much popular with the kitchen remodelling, since there are many factors considered for its popularity.

To start with, Zodiaq has its durability. It is superbly and durably hard to resist any kind of hard blow or scratches. The stone has characteristics, which are similar to granite and marble. The durability is not only good but its attribute is unlikely to any sort of cracks. Even if the stone is treated badly, it is likely to stay intact for years.


Sparkling crystals within its surface give a stunning light-play and a mesmerizing depth, while the surface’s inherent sheen adds to this reflective effect. With granite countertops, there are a few things to worry about. Low maintenance can bring in cracks and marks on the countertops, especially if you have spills. But this is not likely with zodiaq countertop, since the quartz material is resistant to any kind of hard blow. Besides, the quartz material actually has smooth surface, which won’t soak liquid in any case.

Quartz actually stands out of the crowd because of its unique characteristics. Take a close look at the stone, and inside you will find fine crystals, which shine when sunlight falls on it. This brings a certain attraction and appeal to the zodiaq countertops. In any case, you won’t be able to resist its glossy surface.

But there is something you ought to be careful about the zodiaq countertop, since it is not heat resistant. Therefore, in any case, you ought not to put any kind of hot pan directly on the countertop.


DuPont Zodiaq Countertops

zodiaq quartz countertop

DuPont Zodiaq Countertops


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